Art & Craft Supplies Online: Floral Arranging We offer a wide range of art supplies to choose from, this is an online shop. We sell various materials concerning art like airbrushes, brushes, sketchpads, drawing materials such as charcoal, brush pens, pencil and many more. Other accessories like painter's palette , easel, and brush holder. en-us Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT Associate-O-Matic v5.6.0 1440 FloraCraft, 4 Liters, Plastic Snow <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="56"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> $4.69<br /><br /><a href="">New (15) Used (1)</a> from $4.69</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Styrofoam Brand Trusted by Customers for Over Sixty Years, Light and Durable, Can Use a Variety of Finishing Techniques, Great for The Holidays...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26434800 1519353759 SuperMoss (23310) Moss Mix Preserved, 2oz (110 Cubic Inch) <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="75"height="50"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> $6.95<br /><br /><a href="">New (8)</a> from $6.95</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Long-lasting Preserved Moss!, Add natural botanical elements to any arrangement, centerpiece, or space in the house, Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles, Ideal for Covering Soil and Dressing Potted Plants, Great for Special Events, Home Decor and Craft Projects...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26458500 1519353759 OPount 15 Pack Colorful Styrofoam Foam Balls for Slime 0.08-0.35 Inch with Slime Tools and Fruit Slice for Slime Making Art DIY Craft <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>$6.45</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> $5.49<br /> <b>You Save:</b> $0.96 (15%)<br /><a href="">New (2)</a> from $5.49</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Quantity: 15 pack styrofoam foam balls approx 50000 pieces, 3 pieces slime tools(blue), 1000 pieces fruit slice, More choice: There are 12 colors you can choose the color according to your preferences; white, mixed, dark yellow, black, blue, orange, green, rose red, light yellow, red, purple, powder, Wide Application: Stick to slime, gift box filling, glass bottle DIY, baby dolls filling, pillow filling, art crafts ornament, wedding/party decoration, DIY decorative ball art craft, Wonderful Decorations: They can be applied as wedding, birthday, baby shower and celebration decorations. These colorful styrofoam balls, DIY accessories, make these occasions special and charming, and absolutely light up your venue, It comes with a resealable and reusable bag so you don't have to run out of all the slime balls at once. It is easy to store, clean and tidy, perfect for slime making or slime storage...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26484700 1519353759 Oasis® Pack of 6 Standard Floral Foam Bricks®_Pack_of_6_Standard_Floral_Foam_Bricks.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="®_Pack_of_6_Standard_Floral_Foam_Bricks.html"><img src=""width="75"height="69"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>$11.75</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> $10.44<br /> <b>You Save:</b> $1.31 (11%)<br /><a href="®_Pack_of_6_Standard_Floral_Foam_Bricks.html">New (11)</a> from $10.44</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Floral Foam Bricks for arranging live flowers., Brick size - 3&quot; x 4&quot; x 9&quot;, Pack of 6, Maxlife Standard Oasis Foam...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26507300 1519353759 Sea Shells Mixed Beach Seashells - Various Sizes up to 2" Shells -Bag of Approx. 50 Seashells <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> $9.99<br /><br /><a href="">New (2) Collectible (2)</a> from $7.99</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">A beautiful assortment of various sized shells ranging from conchas to teeny tiny micro shells that compliment any design scheme with its warm neutral orange, pinks, brown and grey color tones. Fill your favorite beach buckets, beach toys. Spread a few tiny starfish and seashells with grains of beach sand in a fishtank. Make a soothing under the sea theme by using them for fish tank decorations and designing a miniature reproduction garden beach scene., String them to make jewelry or affix these mini conchs to surfaces for crafty borders! Nice for making shell mirrors, seashell ornaments, shell wreaths and add a colorful accent to a basket of beach shells. Make cute adornments on a sand castle with various types of faux pearls and sail boat decor., Hawaiian accessories pair well with these nautical theme birthday party. Use as a table scatter for a beach party, as party favors. Make beautiful vibrant decorations for the home living room, dining table, bedrooms, art gallery, luau party, restaurant decor and more., Package of approximately 50 mini seashells for every order. Natural sea shells weigh approximately 10 ounces. They will bring together that ocean breeze tropical decor feel. Perfectly fit for all yur DIY needs., These beach shells range in sizes of up to 2-1/2&quot;. Shell types include donax shell, clam shells, moon shells, nassa shells, and tiny volutes varieties....</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26531500 1519353759 Foam Beads for DIY Slime – Craft Styrofoam Balls 0.1-0.35 inch(47000pcs) for Kids Homemade Slime, Home Decorative, Wedding and Party Decorations (5 Pack)–_Craft_Styrofoam_Balls_01_035_inch47000pcs_for_Kids_Homemade_Slime_Home_Decorative_Wedding_and_Party_Decorations_5_Pack.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="–_Craft_Styrofoam_Balls_01_035_inch47000pcs_for_Kids_Homemade_Slime_Home_Decorative_Wedding_and_Party_Decorations_5_Pack.html"><img src=""width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> $8.99<br /> <b>You Save:</b> $4.00 (31%)<br /><a href="–_Craft_Styrofoam_Balls_01_035_inch47000pcs_for_Kids_Homemade_Slime_Home_Decorative_Wedding_and_Party_Decorations_5_Pack.html">New (1)</a> from $8.99</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">PACKAGE INCLUDE: 5 pack foam beads( 2 pack mixed color, 1 pack white, 1 pack pink, 1 pack blue ), Size 0.1-0.35 inch, quantity: totally about 47000pcs, 15000 pcs small mixed color + 2000 pcs big mixed color + 3 x 10000 pcs solid color+700 pcs Fruits Flowers pieces, DIFFERENT SIZE MIXED: Size from 0.1 to 0.35 inch, 4 pack mini size foam beads and 1 pack large size, it is a good combination for you to DIY what you imagine, APPLICATION: Easy way to make slime, vase and balloons filling, glass bottles diy, art crafts ornament, diy jewelry home/wedding/party decoration floral decorations, FEATURE: Lightweight, so put away or into bottle or bags timely while not using, in case wind may blow your foam balls away. Soft, they make you relaxed when you press them, so the balls are perfect for release stress, FUNNY DIY: The foam beads are the best friend for slime, you can create anything when put them together, such as cute bears, colorful ice creams, helicopters or any others. Really a Big Fun!...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26556700 1519353759 ACTIVA Silica Gel for Flower Drying 5 Pound <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="49"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>$21.76</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> $19.70<br /> <b>You Save:</b> $2.06 (9%)<br /><a href="">New (7) Used (5)</a> from $15.00</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Preserve lifetime memories and capture nature's transient beauty of flowers with ACTIVA Silica Gel flower drying compound, Specially designed with a very fine consistency, it will absorb moisture without damaging flowers, altering the colors or changing their form, Preserve special wedding memories, make home décor and holiday decorations; the process is simple, easy-to-use and fun; a great family project, Certified safe and non-toxic, Silica Gel is reusable and doesn't wear out, use it over and over again, Complete, easy, step by step instructions included; most flowers dry in 2-5 days, use the microwave method to dry flowers in just a matter of hours...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26581000 1519353759 DECORA 1/2" Wide Dark Green Floral Tapes for Bouquet Stem Wrap Florist <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>$6.99</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> $3.95<br /> <b>You Save:</b> $3.04 (43%)<br /><a href="">New (3)</a> from $3.95</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">★One Roll Dark Green Floral tape.Strong and Stretchable, tears easily.Colorfast, color will not bleed.It is not Self-adhesive tape.Dimensions: 30Yard × ½&quot;W. per roll, ★This product has a crepe paper base which has been impregnated witha blend of proprietary waxes and polyolefins to give it its unique propertiesand characteristics., ★Ideal to Use for Flower Arrangement, wedding bouquets,boutonnieres,Stem-wrapping Bouquets, Artificial Flower, flower crowns, Gift Wrapping, flower pens, school project,DIY scrapbooking and foam wreath.Great for Children's Creative Design,Holiday Gift Decoration,Offical Pantone, photo albums and any things you want to well with craft products, card making and floral decorating., ★Amazingly beautiful floral tape. Added the much needed festive flair to your holiday gift wrapping. Green color brings your gift wrapping skills to the next level., ★Two things you need to know:1) You will need to stretch the wrap as you go - releases the stickiness.The tape is covered in a wax adhesive that doesn't activate until the tape is stretched, and it sticks only to itself. 2) It will feel sticky on the outside but leave it overnight and everything will be dry to the touch. Periodic breaks to wash hands also resolved the sticky....</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26605400 1519353759 FloraCraft Desert Foam Bricks Packaged, Green, 2 Per Package <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="75"height="61"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> $6.04<br /><br /><a href="">New (4) Collectible (1)</a> from $6.04</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">FLORACRAFT-Dry Styrofoam, This is the perfect base for all floral and craft projects, Made in United States, Desert Foam Bricks, The Ideal Choice for Permanent Botanicals and Dried Arrangements, Perfect As a Base For Any Design, Can Easily Be Cut to Shape, Strong and Firm for Heavy Arrangements, Light Enough for Fragile Materials...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26630900 1519353759 Large Water Gel Beads 11OZ (300pcs) Gaint Water Jelly Pearls Rainbow Mix for Kids Sensory Playing, Wedding Home Decoration,Plants Vase Filler Sold by Jangostor <table><tr><td width="50"><a href=""><img src=""width="75"height="56"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> $10.99<br /><br /><a href="">New (1)</a> from $10.99</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">High-capacity: 11OZ, 12 Colors,300pcs. Jangostor water beads start as tiny hard balls but it take up to 24-36 hours to become 1.8 ~ 2.2 inch bouncy and beautiful jelly water beads when you add water, Safety Material :Non-fade, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable. Fully tested and exceeds all children's toy safety requirements., Interesting Sensory Exploration: Fully expanded, Jangostor smooth, squishy water beads create a soothing tactile experience. Ideal for keeping kids happy and busy for hours and playing a fun game, great learning tool, explore science project, Promotes Learning: Parents, teachers, and therapists love these beads for home &amp; clinical use.Helps kids with color recognition, counting &amp; fine motor skill and language development., Extensive Uses:Home Decoration, Wedding Centerpieces, Baby Showers, Table toys, Plant decoration, tactile toys, Vase filler, Foot Spa, Preschool Kids activities and many more!...</td></tr></table> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:39 GMT 0.26655500 1519353759